Roll of the Dice: Duryodhana’s Mahabharata

A bestseller in India, this book’s plot revolves around Bhishma, the patriarch of Hastinapur, who is finding it difficult to keep the empire united. His able Prime Minister Vidur is assisting him in this job.

On the other hand, down South, the powerful Guru of the Southern states is waiting to make his move on Hastinapur. He wants to impose his dark will on all of India at any cost. The kingdom of Hastinapur is being ruled by the blind king Dhritarashtra and his queen with a foreign origin, Gandhari.

The peace of the throne is being threatened by Kunti, who is a rival queen. It is her ultimate dream to see her first-born seated on the throne of Hastinapur. In this sinister quest of hers, an unscrupulous priest comes to her aid and ensures that Prince Duryodhana does not become king.

Parallel to this story, readers will find the character of Eklavya, a young outcast who wants to become a mighty warrior despite being from a lower caste. Other important character who plays a pivotal role in this book is Karna, who travels south to become a mighty warrior and archer. Balrama and Ashwadhama are also given significant roles in the plot.



After I read Anand Neelakantan's first book about the Asura leader Ravana's story, I was impressed.. The story of Ravana and his people really made me feel damn sympathetic towards the Asuran leader,,,, And the author does it again with Ajaya.... A Truly amazing rendition of the greatest Epic ever told (Now I feel sympathetic towards the Kauravas)... Ajaya is better than the author's previous book... Hopefully The Rise of Kali, the 2nd book in the Ajaya series will be released soon because I just cant wait any longer.

Arvind Sreekumar

View the whole story in a different perception. I have read Asura too and was impressed by the way it was put across.

Sanjeev kumar M

If you love history and Anand Neelankatam.....Go for it. Hats of you Sir Anand for presenting views from armies who were defeated in our two epics(Mahabharata and Ramayana), no author had provided this kind of narration till date.


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