Aren’t we chubby, aren’t we cute?
Aren’t we lovely, as sweet as fruit?
Give us a bear hug, give us a kiss
Regret not later for giving it a miss.

Don’t go by these sweet words-for all little asura kids are naughty and troublesome and always up to something! Little will you know when you land in a muddy puddle or your long hair gets chopped off into a bob. They will prod, pull and tug you till you yell-just like the gods in the heavens, especially Vishnu and Shiva who are simply fed up!

Indulge in some very, extremely, most funny naughty tales of asura twins Kundakka and Mandakka, who hate going to school; clumsy Bhasma and pet pig Nakura, who create trouble in the village; brothers Atapi and Vatapi, who like to eat ninety-six cartfuls of fruits as dessert; the great Bana who claps with his thousand hands and so many more!


Unputdownable ! As my 6+ year old voracious reader says ! I have read multiple of Anand Neelkanth's books , and have always enjoyed his perspective and style. So when I found this book of his for children u had to get it , I only read the introduction pages and enjoyed reading about Kundakka Mandakka to my 6 year old, who couldn't wait to dive in to the book and decided to read the rest himself and not wait, as a result 2 days since we got the book and he is on the last couple of pages of the last story and is thoroughly enjoying it ! The book has a illustrations every couple of pages , and is ideal for 8+ who read independently. There is more text than illustrations which we don't mind because the stories are so immersive !

Preeti Ajit

Loved the way the stories are narrated and the superb illustrations. Excellent way of narrating our ancient Hindu stories and the nuances that exist be it for the Devas or the Asuras, for life is indeed about nuances and shades of grey. Highly recommended for children and adults alike.

N Nad

Amazing Cute way to make children understand how Asuras were different from devas or humans!!! Reading the story book is just like those epic serials of 1980-90 childhood... subtle story line to introduce asuras, devas to kids and to show how they turned out to be different from humans and earned the wrath of the Trinity. Fantastic Illustration!! To the children, it serves as a cute version of the basic facts before they can read the actual puranas, etc

Gangothri Ravi

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